William Chai

Thank you very much for your interest in EL-Genesis and NJIS EducationGroup.With the experience in living in China and United States, I always believethat mastering two different languages is the foundation for kids to be involved in different cultures. The fusion of two cultures leads kids to be Internationalization. As a student of EL-Genesis,they are acquiring advanced western philosophy and gaining deep pride of Chinese civilization at same time. 

In the future, theywould represent Chinese culture and have own sound on the international stage.


Crossing half century, NJIS Education Group owns many well-known schools overseas, as well as Shanghai Community International School and Hangzhou InternationalSchool in China. After being invited to Ningbo, we have accomplished building educational philosophy in the Yangtze River Delta region, and bringing strong and powerful educational guarantee for top talents. We are very pleased that Ms. KarenLam will work with our principals to implement theworld-classeducation project in Ningbo,and bring our educational philosophy to the children in Ningbo. In the end, welcome to EL-Genesis!


If you have any suggestion, please feel free to contact our school office, we are looking forward to see you on campus.