​Larry Balli

Larry Balli

Larry Balli was graduated from the prestigious Michigan State University. He has been in the forefront of international education since 1972. Out of his 50 years of experience, he spent 40 years working as a principle.

Thank you for your interest in Ningbo's EL Genesis Early Childhood Education program. We have been in the forefront of international education since we first worked together at Jakarta International School in 1985. Since then, we have founded world class educational programs in many locations, including Cape Town, South Africa; Jakarta, Indonesia; Perth, Western Australia; Hangzhou, China;and Shanghai, China, where Shanghai Community International School isnow in its 24th year.


The foundations for EL Genesis have been capably put in place by Karen Lam, who has an impressive background in Asia building top level programs like this one. For the past year and more, Ms. Lam has been indefatigable in painstaking planning and preparations for a world class early childhood program in Ningbo, and we are delighted that she will assume the operational leadership of our new school, together with both our foreign and local principals. With the local expertise and professional acumen of our partners in Ningbo, we have had an extremely successful Michael Dougherty and harmonious cooperation that now culminates in our welcoming your child to our hallways.


If we can provide any further information about the nature of our school program, please do not hesitate to contact our school office.Meanwhile, we look forward to greeting you on campus.